Parlor Palm

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The Parlor Palm is a robust, tropical palm with graceful, feathery fronds that originates from Madagascar. 
This distinct plant brings a little fun to any room in your home.




Thrives in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light.



Water weekly, allowing the soil to dry out halfway down between waterings. Increase the frequency with increased light. Does best in higher humidity.


Originally from the rainforests of Guatemala and Southern Mexico, the "Neanthe "Bella Palm" is a small palm tree that grows to around 6 feet tall when kept indoors, reaching greater heights in the wild. In its natural environment, the Parlor Palm competes with vines, preferring to grow alongside rock walls that provide it with support. It was during the Victorian era that the plant started to be cultivated for indoor environments, adapting well to the cooler temperatures and low light conditions that homes offered at that time. 

One feature that sets this plant apart from other palms is its flowers - the Parlor Palm can begin blooming when it is just 30cm tall, with flowers emerging from its base. Although other plants in the Arecaceae family, such as the Coconut and the Date, produce delicious fruits, Parlor Palm berries are not edible. Nevertheless, its balmy, upright fronds lend a tropical ambience to any indoor environment, making it a popular choice for both homes and offices.


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