Marble Queen Pothos

Glossy, heart-shaped leaves in contrasting shades of green and white make the Marble Queen Pothos an extremely attractive houseplant. With its fast-growing vines, this is a plant that will quickly transform an indoor space into a lush, tropical haven.
Here’s what you need to know to care for your Marble Queen Pothos.


The Marble Queen Pothos is very adaptable when it comes to light levels. Although it does best when given bright, indirect sunlight, it will tolerate low light conditions too. Avoid direct sunlight - this will cause the leaves to burn.


Try to keep your Marble Queen Pothos between 65-85° F. Don’t place it in any cold or drafty areas.


The Marble Queen Pothos prefers its soil to be a little dry - wait until about half of the soil has dried out before watering again, but only give it enough water to keep it slightly damp. Water slowly, ensuring that all parts of the soil have been saturated. Cut back on watering in the winter.


Although the Marble Queen Pothos appreciates higher than average humidity levels, it will tolerate standard household humidity levels too. Nevertheless, occasionally misting the leaves will help your plant to thrive.
The Marble Queen Pothos isn’t a heavy feeder, but it would still benefit from a feed once or twice a year during its growing season. Use a general, multi-purpose fertilizer, diluting this to about half the recommended strength
The Marble Queen Pothos is highly toxic when ingested, so keep your plant away from pets and children.
Extra Care Tips:
Your Marble Queen Pothos will likely need to be repotted each year.
• If the leaves on your Marble Queen Pothos start to turn brown or yellow, this could be because it’s too cold or lacking humidity. If the yellowing is combined with black spots, then this is a sign of over-watering.
• Long and unruly vines can be cut back every few months to give your plant a bushier growing habit. Any dying or damaged stems and leaves should also be periodically cut back.
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