Agloenema Silver Bay 

With its glossy stem and leaves, many of which boast an intricate variegated pattern, the Agloenema Silver Bay is always striking to look at. This plant is highly adaptable and extremely easy to look after, making it the perfect houseplant


Your Agloenema Silver Bay will quickly adapt to the light levels in your home. Whether the room you place it in has bright sun, light shade, or even full shade with just an artificial light, your Agloenema Silver Bay will handle it. However, be careful when full sun and intense heat are combined - this could end up scorching your plant’s leaves and causing discolorations.


Fiddle leafs enjoy temperatures ranging from 64-75ºF. Avoid temperature changes and cold drafts.


Your Agloenema Silver Bay will do best when kept consistently moist - water whenever the top 2-3 inches of soil feels dry. This usually amounts to once every 1-2 weeks, although plants kept in a bright and hot room will require more water than those in the shade. While you should never let the soil completely dry out, the Agloenema Silver Bay will tolerate irregular watering.


Give your Agloenema Silver Bay a light mist every week or two to raise humidity levels. This will also prevent any leaf edges from browning.
Although not a particularly heavy feeder, your Agloenema Silver Bay will benefit from a light feed twice a year; in the spring and summer. Use a general-purpose, liquid fertilizer.
The Agloenema Silver Bay is mildly toxic if eaten, so keep it away from young children and pets.
Extra Care Tips: 
•  You will need to repot your Agloenema Silver Bay every two years. The new soil will give it fresh nutrients, allowing it to continue to thrive.
• If any older leaves die back, don’t cut them off. Instead, wait until the leaf has dried up enough for you to be able to just gently pluck it off.
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