Regardless of who you're looking to impress this valentine, gifting a plant is your best bet! Every year, you spend hours scouring the aisles of stores for something less obvious debating whether or not that's the perfect gift. Instead, give your loved one a gift that will keep on giving forever and luckily for you we'll be delivering it right to your door this valentine!

Hoya Hearts

This sweetheart plant is specifically made for Valentine lovers. Valentine’s hoya (Hoya kerrii) is a classic gift choice that's hard to find. Yes, small but perfectly formed, shaped like a heart to share the love. The best thing about It is about as indestructible as houseplants come, made to live as long as you care for it to, giving the fact that you don’t drown it with overwatering of course.


If your tired of getting your loved one red blooms and roses all the time here's a better idea, consider something colorful, unique that can grow forever. Strelitzia reginae, the bird-of-paradise, is a blockbuster of a houseplant that has the advantage of being an indoor-outdoor plant—adding an exotic edge wherever it goes. It’s not as hard to care for as it looks, either; just give it lots of light year-round and a cool room in winter. The name itself is something your loved one will appreciate since you'll be bringing her paradise on earth ;)

Jade Pothos

Lastly, another heart-shaped leaf, but this one has the advantage of being big and bold. You can buy a large specimen of Jade Pothos (epipremnum aureum ‘jade’) will really make a statement of your love as it grows and spreads around the space you put it in with new heart-shaped leaves growing regularly. This fast-growing plant needs some watering and attention like everyone else of course, so maybe show how thoughtful you are by adding a drink with it. 



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