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Best Plant for Your Kitchen: Gardening Made Modern

Usually when you're thinking about adding a plant to your home your not thinking about your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room without realizing that the kitchen is one of the best spots to add some life to! No matter what color your thumb happens to be, these plants will be well alive in your kitchen. You spend tons of time there, so why not surround yourself with the calming effects of nature. We all know household plants serve as beautiful and sustainable home decor, but what you may not realize is that they can also help purify your air and increase humidity (a particularly appealing benefit in the dry winter months). Plus, studies find that plants increase morale and productivity — two things we can all get more of in the kitchen.

Consider bringing one of these beautiful plants into your kitchen, easy to care for and hard to kill so you can grow a plant and a green thumb at the same time :)

1.Spider Plant

Easy to care for, the spider plant is capable of thriving under almost any condition and doesn’t require much care at all. It's not one of those plants you have to keep an eye on, but you will because of its looks! You can put this spider anywhere but a hot pan — by the window in the sun, or on the countertop underneath overhead cabinets — and watch it grow with the help of occasional waterings and frequent love. If your wondering why its great for your kitchen; It's a great natural air purifier, the spider plant helps remove odor, fumes, and pollutants from the environment. 

2.Snake Plant

(Image credit: Sandra Rojo

Here on the other hand, if you're looking for a floor-dweller for your kitchen, a snake plant is would be a great choice. Great to fill up a corner, near a window, or on a countertop. Its leafs are very compact and upright, very hard for it to be in your way. It’s also super easy to grow, they're know as the survivors in the plant family, they can go weeks without water, barely need any direct sunlight and can grow in any temperature that doesn't include freezing in it. 


We understand that we don't all have much space left in the kitchen, here's where thinking outside the box comes in to play. Utilizing plant hangers is huge to keep your counter free. Climbing plants like the Marble Queen PothosJade Pothos, and other small plants love to be hung or positioned on a shelf so their new growth can spread and vine freely.

Start with the kitchen! Then find the best plants for every space.

Whether your plant shopping for a dark basement apartment or a sunny studio, or on a mission to turn your bathroom into a green oasis, let us be your personal plant consultant. Take our Perfect Plant Quiz to find the right plant for your needs for any room in your space and have it delivered straight to your door.




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