More happiness came to your home but you weren't there... Living a happy and satisfying life isn't hard it requires 2 things a happy mindset and a happy home! And here's how you can make your home happier! According to scientific studies, there are a number of plants that can bring positivity, happiness, peace, and success into your space, spending time in nature has been linked to reducing stress levels and tension, so its a no-brainer to bring the nature inside with you and whats better than lovely indoor potted plants that will help do the same. If you're not sold yet here's a shortlist of the areas these plants will help with according to more scientific studies  done by Texas A&M

  • Concentration and Memory

  • Generate Happiness

  • Improves Relationships/Compassion

  • Performance/Energy

  • Quality of Life

In addition to looking phenomenal, they'll be serving a purpose – that is, bringing your space, family and yourself positive energy! So let's take a deeper look:

1. Peace Lily

The Spathiphyllum famously known in the plant world for its uniqueness and beautiful white flowers that it grows. The name speaks for itself, peace is its special power, Peace lily is an excellent source of positive energy, according to Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy is a traditional practice originating from ancient China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment), it symbolizes peace and tranquility and  It can also grow well in low light locations such as a bedrooms, bathrooms, or any space that can you use some peace and luxury. 


2. Pachira Money Tree

Pachira Money tree! A Truely amazing type of bonsai that can grow 3-6 feet indoors! Paired with our stunning ceramic pot you are bound to call whatever space you put it in the money spot. The braided trunk and topiary leaves are a natural feature. It's a great pick for beginners because of its care ease, it will thrive in medium to bright light but can tolerate low light, its pet-friendly, and a great air purifier. You can check them out here


3. Golden Pothos "Money Plant"

Marble queen pothos, also known as "Money Plant", hunter’s robe, golden pathos, silver vine.." and it's fair to say that this is a must-have for every space. When talking about maintenance, it’s probably the best to maintain its perfect for low light areas and can survive in dark spots. The money plant will help you reduce stress and anxiety, absorb the synthetic chemicals from the furnishings, and produce positive energy and good luck to your space! We have a different variety of pothos you can check out here.


4. Aloe Vera

This one is easy to recognize, the Aloe Vera plant not only handy when it comes to soothing cuts and burns but brings amazing healing energy, it's known for its ability to remove the polluting chemicals found in cleaning products and purify the air in your space. And with cleaner air clearer air comes clearer thoughts. We'll be adding Aloe Vera's in different sizes for your home or office in the upcoming days so be sure to check back in soon!


5. Calatheas

Other than the health benefits, Calatheas like our Meddalion & Rattle-Snake are highly decorative plants with unique colorful and variegated foliage. Just by there looks, you can easily tell that Calatheas are meant to be appreciated, looked at and used for modern space decoration. But that’s not all they do, they close thier leaves at night and open them again in the morning welcoming new success and opportunities when open, and closing at night to put away the negativity as the day ends. In addition, this plant can really purify the air and facilitate a better indoor environment overall. 


6. Snake Plant

Lastly, the Snake plant is known for its survival capabilities, able to grow quickly and can survive under the toughest conditions. So having a Snake plant will always remind you of toughness and being able to weather the storm. Their roots have the ability to stay alive with minimal water as well. Not only that but the ability to absorb harmful chemicals present in the area such as xylene, formaldehyde, benzene and more, purifying the air, getting rid of negativity, reminding you of strength and survival.

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