Plants are everywhere these days, and there’s no better time to become a first-time plant parent. But actually choosing a plant can be intimidating if you’ve never bought one before. So we put together some of the easiest ones to start with and set yourself up to become an amazing plant parent!

The Mother-in-law’s Tongue (or snake plant) and the Zanzibar Gem are probably the easiest to look after. They will survive in low-light and don’t need a lot of watering. Almost impossible to kill these :)

Next, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of today’s “it” plants. You’ve most likely seen this gorgeous plant gracing the pages of magazines and the floors of luxurious homes. Most fiddle leaf fig trees serve as floor plants thanks to their towering size they love some sunshine (who doesn't) and are a must-have in modern space these days!


plant Collage

If you’ve ever noticed a little potted tree with an unusual braided trunk, you’ve encountered a money tree for many people it symbolizes & brings good luck and financial success (word on the streets its growing money). But even if such considerations aren’t meaningful to you, you can definitely still enjoy this plant for its fun and unusual trunk, lively green leaves, and relatively low-maintenance watering needs.

All of these are in the image above but we'll wrap this up with our top selling Calathea Medalion. Calatheas, also called zebra plants, are tropical plants that consist of about 300 different species. Grown as houseplants in most regions,  prized for their variegated, colorful foliage and reach a height of 6 to 36 inches at most. So if you are looking to add some wild fun and color to your space this is the plant for you!


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